Building maintenance

Our speciality is the design of work plans adapted to the needs of each infrastructure. Whether it is a newly constructed building in the guarantee period or an already consolidated one. Our work begins with the exhaustive collection of data, analysing each component and establishing protocols and routines for revision and maintenance.

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE. Our experience shows us that a good preventive maintenance programme is the key to minimising unforeseen events and thus reducing the operating costs of each centre. We analyse each component. From the electrical system, water supply network, safety equipment, etc.

We draw up all preventive maintenance programmes based on the instruction manuals we obtain from the manufacturers of each individual component, respecting the intervals and procedures proposed by each manufacturer.

We use original parts for the maintenance and repair of all components.

Warranty. We have qualified personnel for the handling and manipulation of all equipment. We ensure that all handling and use of equipment is carried out in accordance with the manufacturers’ standards in order to comply with all the requirements necessary for the warranty to remain in force during the course of the same. 

Control of consumption meters. We monitor all the indicators present at each site, periodically tracking energy expenditure. We coordinate with the accounting and billing departments to detect possible deviations, excessive consumption or possible errors. Our aim is to optimise resources in order to reduce our clients’ costs as much as possible.

Plumbing networks

  • Pressure groups for sanitary and irrigation water supply.
  • Cistern cleaning
  • Sanitary appliances, taps.
  • Control and cleaning of drainage pipes and manholes.

Doors and locks

  • Locks and door automation
  • Changing and adapting locks
  • Locksmiths and locksmiths

Low voltage electrical network

  • Programming and timing of lighting systems
  • Optimisation of electrical consumption
  • Maintenance of diesel/electric generating sets
  • Electrical panels
  • Air conditioning and heating systems

Swimming pools

  • Pool cleaning
  • Sanitary control and chemical analysis
  • Maintenance of purification plants and salt chlorination systems


  • Drawing up maintenance plans
  • Pruning and trimming of plants
  • Phytosanitary treatments
  • Mowing and treatment of lawns
  • Replanting of plants
  • Installation and maintenance of drip and sprinkler irrigation systems

Cleaning services

  • Integral cleaning of buildings
  • Preparation of cleaning programmes
  • Cleaning of communal areas
  • House cleaning
  • Garage cleaning
  • Construction site cleaning

At Doblealtura we use chemical and cleaning products specially designed for each surface. Each product is carefully studied before its application following the manufacturer’s technical recommendations.

Monitoring of surveillance cameras

At the request of the representatives of each centre and following all the protocols relating to the data protection law, we take care of monitoring the network of video surveillance cameras installed in any building or premises. If you do not yet have a video surveillance system, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can recommend the system that best suits the needs of your community.

Fire-fighting systems

Coordination with authorised companies for the compulsory maintenance of fire-fighting systems.

Concierge service

We find the right person to provide a personalised service to the users of an office or residential building.  We have totally trustworthy personnel to whom we entrust the care and surveillance of entrances, porter’s lodge and concierge services. 

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Incident management

We manage incidents at our centres through the Freshdesk interactive support platform.

Freshdesk is a platform from which the user himself informs us of any incident that occurs in his building. An electrical fault, a broken lift, a water leak or any other eventuality.

Through a simple mobile application, the incident will be registered in our cloud and will be treated according to priority and emergency criteria.

Registered users of our Freshdesk system can receive instant summaries of active or archived incidents.

The Freshdesk system is designed with intuitive technology that allows the creation of knowledge databases to resolve doubts, questions or provide solutions to incidents identical or similar to those raised by the user.

The Freshdesk tool also allows us to do a massive monitoring of incidents in real time such as for the resolution of after-sales issues that arise after the delivery of new buildings. We make our tool available to residents’ associations or groups of users in order to channel and organise all the after-sales and warranty issues they wish to deal with.

Works and reforms

We carry out refurbishment and renovation work in interiors of homes and premises:

  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Plastering and plaster
  • Renovation of floors and walls
  • Partitions and walls
  • Doors and windows
  • Renovation of carpentry
  • Lighting systems
  • Kitchens and bathrooms
  • Installation of air conditioning systems

Technical reports

Together with our team of technical architects we prepare different types of technical reports for our clients

  •  Technical reports to assess the condition of properties prior to their sale and purchase
  • Valuation of damage caused by accidents or other eventualities
  • Expert reports
  • Construction claims against developers and builders
  • After-sales reports
  • Equipment breakage reports
  • Periodic maintenance reports

Key safekeeping

We also offer our clients our Key Custody service. This is especially interesting for those users who move frequently, and consists of designing an à la carte service for the periodic inspection of a home or office.

Control of household appliances, inspection of stains and damp, collection of mail in mailboxes, control of home automation equipment and surveillance and alarm systems.