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We have an administration team and our own staff specialised in a wide variety of fields such as electricity, painting, plumbing, gardening and cleaning.

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Doblealtura and its surroundings

The municipality of Casares is a point of connection and gateway between the Costa del Sol and the natural surroundings of the Crestellina and Bermeja mountain ranges, on the flanks of the Ronda Mountain range. Its special orography gives it unique characteristics, being one of the few Spanish municipalities that have the privilege of being bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, on its shores, while its old town sits on a natural stone watchtower with an average altitude of 500 metres.

Any walker can get from one place to another in Casares by walking through its streets in just a few minutes. After some ascent and descent, you will have arrived at any point where you can enjoy unusual visual spectacles:

The Rock of Gibraltar and the silhouette of the African Rifian massifs on one side. A head turn of one hundred and eighty degrees leads our gaze towards a succession of massifs with altitudes of fifteen hundred metres located just a few kilometres away.

We change observatory. We walk along the grey cobbled streets with whitewashed houses of uniform white. The buildings rest on a multitude of inclined planes, taking advantage of every rocky projection. And so, we recognise the architecture of our municipality, Casares. Constructions with a solid appearance and deep-rooted. All designed with a mixture of popular wisdom and technical knowledge passed down from generation to generation. Where each hand of white lime has been covering these structures of thicker and thicker skin.

We reach the end of the route in search of this second viewpoint. The cobblestones force us to make a small sacrifice in order to reach the Casares Castle. It is in this last stretch where the most characteristic corners of the municipality are hidden. We have reached the top of the Atalaya. A fortification with panoramic views of three hundred and sixty degrees.

At the bottom we can see Casares Costa, at the foot of the beach. And above us, once again, the endless-looking massifs.


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Casares, a municipality situated at double height. It offers the visitor infinite views and perspectives. A multifaceted municipality full of possibilities that has become a reference point for the whole region.

A mixture of traditions, with its architecture inherited through the centuries. And an innovative architecture fused with the most exquisite variety of construction that can be found today throughout the Costa del Sol in combination with designer plant spaces.

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Thus, was born the company Doblealtura, which owes its name to the uniqueness of Casares, a town of sea and mountains, where the old and the new, tradition and design are combined.

Doblealtura’s objective is to contribute to the sustainability of the artificial and natural spaces of the region, working every day with enthusiasm offering the best service to the users of these environments. Residential buildings, shopping centres, parks and gardens.

We are known for finding simple and effective solutions to ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of the assets and resources of the community.

The Doblealtura team is made up of a staff of professionals who come from very diverse segments: Technical architects, industrial sector technicians, real estate and finance experts, lawyers and together with a professional maintenance, cleaning and gardening team.

We are committed to the creation of employment in the region and the dynamisation of jobs. We believe in the capabilities of each individual. We are committed to a work policy where the worker takes responsibility for their daily tasks based on the needs of each position. We are also committed to reconciling work and family life, being aware that they are the pillar of a correct personal development.

We recommend healthy lifestyles within our team, encouraging activity and sport.

Doblealtura is made up of a multidisciplinary team. We are used to working with people from all countries and in all languages. Our business vision is based on long-term objectives, with sustained and secure growth. We are convinced that good business practices are the only guarantee of success over and above other interests other than developing a professional activity for which we can be recognised.

We trust other professionals in our sector, on whom we rely because we believe in healthy competition.

Whether you represent a community of owners or a private individual, if you have a project or need new points of view, do not hesitate to call us.

Javier Puig de Saint Roman

Doblealtura Manager

Doble altura CMJN